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By using facial reflexology to stimulate energy flow or Ki, together with unique facial massage techniques, Japanese Face Massage is a deeply relaxing, complete treatment for the whole body, whilst being centred on the face.

Created by world renowned reflexologist, Lone Sorenson of the Institutio de Reflexologia in Barcelona, it is designed to benefit not just the skin but also the whole mind and body.  The skin looks smoother and more radiant, whilst facial acupressure works deeply within to promote a total sense of calm and relaxation throughout the whole body.

According to traditional Oriental beliefs, it is only when the Ki moves freely within the meridian system that harmony is restored between mind, body and spirit, allowing the skin to glow and vitality to radiate from the face.

Many people report feeling as thought they have “been on a journey”, “been to another place “ or as though they have had a full body massage, such is the deep and wide ranging effect of the treatment on the whole body.


Kay has developed her own unique 75 minute Japanese Face Massage experience which includes facial cleansing, a bespoke face mask and a massage of the chest, upper arms and neck.  A scalp massage is also included so do not do your hair prior to arrival!  The treatment is suitable for both ladies and gentlemen.

Japanese Face Massage is a complete, unique and deeply relaxing treatment to refresh and illuminate the skin, calm the mind and soothe the body.

For a full list of treatments available, please click here.

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