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Essential Information, COVID 19 & Cancellation Policy


In accordance with government policy and on the advice of our professional standards bodies, we have been required to carry out a full risk assessment and as a result have created a policy to keep everyone as safe as possible and minimise the risk of transmission of the virus. We have therefore put the following measures in place.


Please do be assured however that the treatment room will remain a warm, cosy and welcoming environment where you can be guaranteed an enjoyable and relaxing experience!


In order to reduce contact time in the treatment room -

  • All treatments will be payable in advance by bank transfer (please see Cancellation Policy below).

  • No appointments will be confirmed until payment has been received.

  • Upon receipt of payment you will be sent a digital health consultation form that must be completed and returned at least 2 days before your scheduled appointment and an indication provided that you agree to the following protocols -


PLEASE ATTEND THE TREATMENT ROOM a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment in order to prepare for your treatment.

PLEASE ARRIVE AT THE TREATMENT ROOM IN A MASK. It may be removed during your treatment.

PLEASE COME IN YOUR HOTEL GOWN AND YOUR OWN SLIPPERS as outdoor shoes and clothes will not be allowed in the treatment room.

FOR THOSE NOT RESIDENT AT THE HOTEL, or if you are staying in the Coach House or Piggeries, a sanitised plastic tub will be provided for your shoes and clothes. Shoes must be removed before entering the room.

PLEASE LEAVE jewellery, watches and mobile phones in your room or gown pocket.




PLEASE COME ALONE as only one person will be admitted. If you are waiting for a treatment, please take a seat on the landing.

COVID 19 RELATED SCREENING QUESTIONS will be asked on arrival which you will be required to confirm.

IF YOU ARE SICK OR SHOW ANY SYMPTOMS OF COVID 19 we will refuse service and you will be liable for the full cost of the treatment.


You will be required to indicate on the health questionnaire your understanding that failure to observe these safety measures will result in services not being provided and you will still be liable for the full cost of the treatment.



Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, in order to reduce contact time in the treatment room, all treatments are now to be paid for in advance. My cancellation policy is as follows -

  • Cancellation up to 48 hours prior to your appointment, full refund.

  • Cancellation 48-24 hours before your appointment, refund less £25 unless I can rebook the slot.

  • Cancellation on the day of your appointment will incur full cost of the treatment, therefore no refund.

  • Please be aware that late arrival may mean we have to reduce your treatment time.


On our part we undertake to make the treatment room as safe as possible:

Full sanitisation of all touchable surfaces and equipment will take place between appointments.

Clean, laundered face cradle coverings together with an additional disposable face cradle cover will be provided for each client (face down body massage).

Clean, laundered sheets or towels will be provided for each client.

We will wear a face mask throughout your treatment and in addition we will also wear a plastic face visor during all facial treatments.

Indoor shoes only will be worn in the treatment room.

The window will be open, weather conditions permitting, to allow for extra ventilation.

Hands and arms will be thoroughly washed and sanitised before and after your treatment and again before the next treatment begins.


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